One of the most used hair typing systems is that created by Oprah’s hair stylist, Andre Walker and we’re going to breakdown what this system will tell you about your hair. In the chart below our focus is on TYPE 4 Hair.

Type 4: Kinky Afro  Tight kinks and coils in a sometimes-definable curl pattern can make getting natural moisture from the scalp down the hair shaft difficult. This means kinky coily hair is often dry and requires a lot of moisture.

Coarse Type 4 Hair: This hair is thick and heavy. By stretching a strand from the mass of hair you will notice a thick shaft. It gets very dry and brittle hence it requires good sealant products and moisture retention tactics in the regimen.

Fine Type 4 Hair: This hair is light weight with very thin strands of hair. It is tightly coiled and feels super soft. This hair required good protein treatment to give it more strength and fullness. It is normal to have both fine and coarse hair in different parts of your head.