General Care Instructions for Kinky Textured Extensions

Keeping it real with you is very important to us. We will also need you to keep it real with us by sending in reviews. Our kinky textures have undergone specialized steam processing to make it look like our Afro hair. It is difficult process to duplicate the ethnicity of our hair, therefore virgin hair is processed to the closest.

Due to this processing, all our textures are meant to be work in their natural state – meaning how you receive them. Whichever texture you purchase DO NOT attempt to manipulate to drastically.

EXAMPLE: If you like to wear your hair BLOWN OUT : Please purchase the blown out texture instead of Flat Ironing the KINKY COARSE HAIR every so often. Always purchase the hair that is in the texture you want to wear. IF you are not sure: Please chat our ONLINE HELP before purchase.

These hair extensions have long lifespan which is dependent on how you care and manipulate the hair. Please be advised that the use of excessive and/or high heat, use of products containing alcohol, bleaching or dyeing of the hair may alter from it’s natural state. We are also not responsible for results due to chemical processes.

The brief below is what we think works from Experience and some of our customers

BEFORE WEARING – Please co-wash these extensions before wearing for the first time.

T O O L S & P R O D U C T S : Water, your fingers, moisturizing conditioner/ curl defining product. Please avoid using products with alcohol – gels, mousse, etc sparingly. It dries the hair out.

DAILY CARE – Lightly spritz hair with conditioner/water mix. Detangle with fingers if necessary.

DETANGLING – Wet hair thoroughly. use your fingers to gently detangle hair while soaking wet doused with high slip moisturizing conditioner.

CO-WASHING – Preferred method of “washing” hair by using moisture rich conditioner. Using a generous amount of conditioner, distribute conditioner through hair in a downward motion using fingers. Then using your fingers, brush conditioner through hair. You may wish to use a wide tooth comb.

RINSING – Run water through hair in a downward motion, using your fingers to help the process of removing the conditioner. If you still have tangles, repeat the conditioner step in the tangled area. Ensure to rinse out the lace areas , clips and in between wefts. Leaving product in the hair increases the chances of matting.

DRYING – Air drying is highly recommended. GOING TO BED – Use the Pineapple method or Roll and Tuck gently to secure hair. Do NOT sleep in wet hair. This will cause matting. USING HEAT Can you straighten your kinky hair? Yes. Should you? No. Our kinky/coily textures are steam processed curls, they are not naturally curly. If you straighten the hair, you may loosen the curl pattern and/or lose the curl pattern altogether.

COLOURING Let a professional to colour your extensions. Some bundles may colour or lift differently that other bundles. Please keep in mind that since the hair was originally straight / wavy; processed textures require extra TLC by way of frequent moisture, deep conditioning and reducing the amount of heat used. The less chemicals used increases the longevity of your extensions.

Naturalist as are Creative !

Please feel free to experiment and let us know what works for you on our website or social media!