The Passion Behind – Waves & Lengths

We are based in Nairobi , Kenya. We are all about afro hair fashion. A lot of women have embraced wearing their natural kinks and coils and they are learning a lot about themselves in that journey.

A woman’s hair is very important to how she looks and that is why we created this product to encourage each one of them in the process.

Styling hair is liberal. Its a creative instinct. Wearing hair enhancement to achieve a hairstyle you have been wanting is the best feeling. We are all about the hairstyle you feel the most. #HairGoal.

It is created for you and with you and your hair in mind.

Our extensions are made of cruelty free and virgin human hair. It is steam processed to mimic our fro hair which can be Coarse or Fine hair; that is Type 4 A/B/C.
You may be asking by now: What is my TEXTURE?